Spring has Sprung, March 21, 2021 Farm Update

Farm Updates

We end the week with a win and a loss. First the loss, We’re missing a Rouen hen this weekend. We’re not sure what happened, but she never came home with the rest of the flock Friday eve. The other 2 ducks seem perfectly fine, so we aren’t entirely sure what happened. She may show up, but I doubt it. ON the win side, all the chicks seem to have found their groove. We haven’t had any losses in the brooder and even little duck is still trucking somehow. We’re going to start giving him his own dedicated feeding session just to help encourage things along.

Bondi’s back from Chicago and doing her job keeping the wild things away from Zones 1 & 2. She still has to be on the tie out, which I’m finding more and more annoying. I’m also getting concerned with it due to her age. The vet wants to postpone her spaying to better let her bones develop. This sounds great, but I worry she might go into heat before fence is up and dealing with those logistics will be tricky.

The Silage tarp is re-anchored. It probably cost us a bit in time, but we’e re-anchored the silage tarp with bags of gravel. Hopefully this will stand up better to wind and big fluffy monsters.

On the seedling front, we’ve made little progress. I have a bunch of very happy snap dragons and some klip daga that needs thinned, but very little green above the dirt right now. Hopefully the exotics I’m experimenting with will start sprouting soon. Today, the big push is getting the seeds into the fridge that need stratifyication and sewing pepers, night shades and perennials.

Lastly, we’ve gotten some equipement assembled. A large farm dump cart, the small chicken coop and a temporary duck hutch have all gone together.

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